Bonnie Age 14, Stoke on Trent


I declined all respite nursing help for my daughter because I knew a paediatric agency did not exist. I also knew even if one did, it would be extremely unlikely that they could offer paediatric nurses highly skilled, trained and experience in complex medical care.

For thirteen years I battled to save my daughter alone, never leaving her side for a second in case she stopped breathing or suffered a seizure.

In 2013, I was assessed as being the most sleep deprived mother known to a specialised assessment team ever! They recommended one hundred hours per week respite but of course there was no one competent enough at any agency to care for my daughter. Then I was introduced to AMG Nursing and Care Services and their very impressive list of experience, highly skilled children’s nurses. My daughter’s key clinical professional nurse’s credentials were outstanding but nothing less than I wanted for my daughter.

Bonnies Nurse, Rose


I have been a qualified children’s nurse since 1985, prior to that a trained adult nurse.

Most of my experience is with children who have respiratory, and gastro problems. I have past experience with children who have complex needs, enjoying this fulfilling role.

I have been a ward sister for over ten years, managing a ward that cared for children with complex medical needs.

I now work for AMG Nursing and Care Services, working with children who have serious health problems, in their own home.

I enjoy caring for children as always, but get a great deal from helping families in their own environment.