How we support you?

This section explains how we care and support you and how we make sure we provide the right care for you.
We will check your needs to make sure we give you the right care, which is safe and supports your rights.
If you have help from other people as well as AMG we will work together with them to make sure that we are all working together.
We will make sure that your care meets your specific needs like:

Your culture and the language you speak

Your sex (whether you are a man or a woman)

Your disability (if you have one)

Your age

Your sexuality (whether you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or straight)

Your religion or belief

The law protects your rights under something called the Human Rights Act which is a set of rules made by parliament which everyone must obey.
Here is an example of how we make sure we are providing all the help you need:
Yasmin has multiple sclerosis.
Josephine is Yasmin's AMG carer.

Josephine has looked after Yasmin at her home for 5 years. Yasmin's family also help her.
At one of the regular reviews AMG looked at the help we were giving Yasmin and whether it was still what she needed. Yasmin asked for Josephine to join them.
They agreed Yasmin needed more support.
They agreed the new Care Plan which meant that Yasmin stayed as independent as possible.
We will make sure that you are kept safe.

You will be kept safe from any sort of abuse and AMG will respect your rights.

If you need nursing care, you will get the medicines you need, when you need them, and in a safe way.
Here is an example:
Alan has a muscle disease. He cannot walk or lift things any more.
Alan's partner David used to care for him.
David died 6 months ago.

Alan was thinking about getting support from a home-care agency.

But he was worried about having people he did not know in his house.

He worried about keeping his things safe.

AMG talked to Alan about how they check staff to make sure they are safe to work with and can be trusted.
AMG ask people who know their carers to tell us about them and we carry out a special check called a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. This means that we ask the police if they have ever been in trouble with the law.

Alan then felt happy about AMG staff being in his home.
The AMG staff who care for you will have the right skills to do their job.

AMG staff will have all the knowledge, skills and experience to provide the care that you need.

There will be enough staff to keep you safe and meet your needs.

Staff will be well managed and be able to learn more skills if they need to.
Here is an example:

AMG provide care for young adults with learning disabilities in their own home.

AMG make sure that their staff are trained and they can meet the young people's needs.
They keep a record of:

- all the training the staff have done
- the exams they have passed
- other things they have learnt