What we do

AMG's Care and Nursing Services are available anytime, anywhere to support you. This is the sort of help we can provide for you:
Live in care - which means somebody will live in your home full time.
24 hour care - which means you will have a carer with you all the time but they will not live in your house.
Pop in calls - which means that a carer will call in as often and for as long as you need them.
Holiday care - which means that if you need support while you are on holiday a carer will come with you.
Appointment support - which means that a carer who understands what you need will come with you when you go to appointments. This may be, for example, to meet your social worker.
We can help you with your daily tasks around your home, for example:

Washing and dressing

Getting up and going to bed

Preparing meals and help with eating

Going to the toilet

Taking your medication

Household chores

Helping you deal with bills and money

Getting out and about

Assisted living - which means that, wherever possible, we will let you do all the tasks you can but we will make sure that you are always safe.