Our specialist Registered Nurse will initially arrange a meet and greet with you and your chosen family or friends. We will then arrange an assessment that will lead to a personal care plan, which will be agreed with you, once our specialist team have fully understood your needs. We will introduce a care team that have been carefully selected to match personality and dynamics. We understand how important it is for you to bond with your care team, so that you can feel relaxed and yourself whilst they travel along your MND journey with you.

Your specialist Registered Nurse will ensure that all of the team will be suitably trained and competent to meet all of your needs. In addition to your care, our team will look to encourage and enable any interests or past-times you wish to continue or start new. Your care team understand that your journey can be challenging, so they use their wealth of experience to provide you with the ability to continue living your life in the way you wish.

MND Care

Home Care


It gives me great pleasure to support your proposed to put forward "B" as carer of the year. In the time that "B" has been my husband’s carer, "P" who suffers from MND, "B" has gone above and beyond what you would expect, as she shows care and compassion for both of us.

"B" has enabled "P" to attend his grandsons sports day which otherwise he would have missed and these memories not made.

"B" encourages and facilitates "P" to follow is hobbies and interests. In her own time "B" has investigated accessible places to visit. He looks forward to his weekly trips out-these have enriched Philips life.

"B" is the “calm in a storm”, on more than one occasion her ability to problem solve and take control of a situation has been exemplary.


I want a care team that can not only deliver care but truly understand what I am going through.

At AMG we discuss with you the type of carer required and use our experience to identify and select a care team suited to both your physical and emotional needs.

I don’t want strangers in my home.

We arrange a meet and greet and allow you and your family to be part of the recruitment process.

Do the carers receive training on MND?

We work in collaboration with MND professionals and will arrange training for all care teams, which is managed by our specialist Registered Nurse.

Can you support my family?

Through our extensive experience of past care packages, a whole family approach is advisable and is discussed throughout assessment and care delivery. We consider the impact of the condition for the whole household and support as needed.

I don’t wish to be defined by my diagnosis

Your team of carers will work with you to take one day at a time to allow trust and respect to flourish. This enables your team to thoroughly understand your needs and assist with making memories, adjusting support as required.

I don’t want to die at home.

We will work with you and other professionals to ensure that advanced care planning can be put in place. This can cover topics such as artificial feeding, ventilation and a choice of place to be cared for. We will offer reassurance that you can change your mind at any point as the MND journey can have variable paths that may be followed for a little while and then require a change of direction.

Arranging Care

To arrange an assessment, contact your local AMG Branch or click below to complete our online form and one of our specialist Registered Nurses will arrange to meet with you so that you and your family can discuss any questions or concerns you may have.